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SMARTBOX of Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC

Are you ready to move, but not looking forward to a traditional moving company coming over and rushing you to pack all of your worldly possessions into a truck in one afternoon? Or having strangers handle your belongings? Or lugging your things up a steep loading ramp into the back of a moving van? Well, SMARTBOX has the solution for you! SMARTBOX of Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC has portable storage in Falls Church that can make your move a breeze!

How SMARTBOX Portable Storage in Falls Church, VA Works

We make your move simple! All you have to do is give us a call and we'll bring storage containers to your doorstep—or anywhere else that is convenient to you—and you can take as long as you want loading your boxes without any rush or pressure. When you're ready, it's as easy as picking up the phone and we'll be on our way! We can deliver your storage containers nearly anywhere across the country, or—if you're not quite ready—we can keep them in our secure, temperature controlled storage facility until you need them. To make your move easier, we can even bring the boxes and supplies needed for moving to you!

Making Self-Storage in Falls Church, VA Easy with SMARTBOX

Conventional storage forces you to rent a moving truck or pack your belongings into your vehicle, drive them to the storage facility, unload everything and then reorganize them in the storage unit yet again! That's why SMARTBOX of Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC has stress-free storage to make your life easier. The concept is simple: we deliver the portable storage container to your home or office and you take your time packing things up. Once the unit is arranged to your specifications, you just give us a call and we'll pick up your storage container and take it to our secure and temperature controlled storage facility for safe-keeping. No unpacking and rearranging required! Everything is already exactly as you want it. Whenever you need access to your items, all you have to do is call us.

SMARTBOX is the Right Choice for Storage in Falls Church, VA

Moving can be a huge hassle, that's why when you're looking for portable storage in Falls Church, it's important to know what you're getting. Here are the basics:

  • Our portable self-storage containers are eight feet deep by seven feet tall by five feet wide and are capable of holding up to 3,500 pounds—that's nearly two tons!

  • Each unit can hold approximately one to one and a half rooms of furniture and belongings, including refrigerators, full-size couches, and even a king size mattress and box spring.

  • SMARTBOX units are made of a durable wood that allows the contents to breathe, but don't think you're going to have to worry about your things because of this! Each storage container is equipped with an all-seasons weather resistant cover to protect your items from the elements.

  • Our portable storage containers have one large door that swings away from the container and is secured by two butterfly clamps along with a sliding hasp built to hold a padlock or combination lock for extra security.

  • Our units sit only six inches off the ground to make entering and exiting your SMARTBOX storage container safe and easy.

  • SMARTBOX always uses upfront pricing and accurate quotes prior to your move. You're never going to be hit by hidden fees or charges and you can even figure out how much portable storage you're going to need with our online space estimator.

Get SMARTBOX Portable Storage in Falls Church, VA

When you're ready to move, contact us for portable storage in Falls Church and let SMARTBOX make your move easy! Don't stress yourself with traditional moving companies that can rush you and cost an arm and a leg. Give us a call at (410) 353-5268 or visit www.smartboxmd.com today and get started with your move!

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